Monday, May 01, 2006

Low Fat Lemon-Olive White Bean Hummus

Well, Holy Week, Pascha and Bright Week are now a memory. Dear daughter and I have decided to continue eating healthfully, even though not part of an ascetic podvig right now. So, we are back to healthy snacks. This morning, and I was deciding what to eat for breakfast, I took a quick scan of the contents of my fridge and realized that half a tomato and a quarter of an onion needed to be used today. I decided to make an olive-lemon bean dip.

Low Fat Lemon-Olive White Bean Hummus
1 1/2 C cooked white beans such as Great Northern, Cannellini or Navy beans
Half a tomato
1/4 inch slice of onion to make about 1 Tbs minced onion
2 garlic cloves
3/4 tsp lemon pepper
2 Tbs lemon juice
2 Tbs minced olives
1 Tbs minced parsley

Put the onion, tomato and garlic cloves in the processor till minced. Scrape down sides and add the beans, lemon pepper and lemon juice and whiz until pureed. Stir in the minced olives and parsley.

Notes: This turned out very lemony and tasty. After the flavors meld a bit, I'll taste for salt and pepper. I think we'll be ok on the salt, but I'm sure I'll want to add pepper - maybe some hot pepper sauce like my favorite, Sriracha! I can't believe that I didn't put ANY olive oil in this! Bet you can't either!

In my meanderings through the boxes in my garage, I found a box recently with canned goods and found several small cans of minced black olives which need to find a home in a recipe (remember, be frugal and use it up!). I used half a can in this dip. I tasted them and they are not very flavorful - the regular canned black olives have tons more flavor - but I'm hoping that they do impart some olive flavor to this dip. When I taste for salt and pepper, I may also add some extra fruity extra virgin olive oil if the flavor needs it. I have a feeling it will.

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Kate Orman said...

This unorthodox Pagan enjoyed your lentils 'n' mac recipe very much. :-)