Friday, April 17, 2015

Pascha Cheese 2015

The never ending saga of Pascha cheese continues.....

This year, I used 2 lbs of whole milk ricotta and my vitamix, and it was the best ever, texture wise, AND it was so yummy and chocolately.

First, I put the cream in the vitamix together with a small jar of room temp nutella, the vanilla, and a stick of room temp butter (the salted kind).  I whizzed it at high speed till mixed well and fluffy, using the tamper. Then I added the ricotta, again using the tamper, and added just one or two tablespoons more of cream.  It became so smooth!  I turned it out into a big bowl and stirred in the sugar.  I tasted it, and stirred in a couple more spoons of unsweetened cocoa powder. I packed it into my cheesecloth lined mold, set my brick on top and let it drain.  It drained very very little liquid and kept it's shape after unmolding, even hours later.

So there you have it!  It was yummy, and exactly the right amount for my little red plastic mold. No photos of it unmolded this year, unfortunately.

Here is a link to an all inclusive post about Pascha Cheese. It includes a link to directions on how to make the quark, or tvorog, itself, and links to my two favorite recipes.  Rebecca's has eggs, and Diane's does not.  This year's effort was a riff on Diane's recipe.

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