Thursday, July 04, 2013

Big Changes!

Maybe you noticed that the last couple of posts were written by Dear Daughter!  Yes, the famous Dear Daughter who has graced the pages of this blog for years.  Dear Daughter will be posting her favorite recipes here, especially now that she lives on her own and cooks for herself.  She is an entire continent away from me, but we still share our love of good food.

I've changed the name of this blog to What We're Cooking Now in honor of this momentous change, but you, dear readers, can still find it if you google What I'm Cooking Now.

Welcome, ma chere HB (aka Dear Daughter).  Mama is proud of you!

I've also decided to label some posts, Cooking 101.  These posts will focus on recipes, techniques, or ingredients that are integral to my kitchen and style of cooking.  If I feel really energetic, I may label some prior posts, too.

A new culinary adventure awaits!  This will be FUN!

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