Monday, March 16, 2009

Food Meme

I got this from Palmabella, who got it from Nancy, who got it from Amy.

What is your go-to ingredient?
Herbes de Provence. I use them all the time.

What nationality of food do you like the best?
Hard to say.... I guess I would have to say Mediterranean rather than the food of just one country.

What’s your favorite meal of the day to prepare?
Dinner, definitely

What is/are your signature dish? (What dish are you ‘known’ for?)
Just one? Well, my daughter would say spaghetti aglia olio. My Dad would say Acadian split pea soup and maple oatmeal bread, preferably together. My Mom would say pasta puttanesca. My church friends would say tilapia Veracruz and boeuf bourgignonne. I say.... hm..... homely old pot roast.

What is your favorite comfort food?
Pasta, mashed potatoes, or ice cream

What cooking shows do you watch?
Giada DeLaurentiis, Michael Chiarello, Barefoot Contessa, Gordon Ramsey (esp The F Word), No Reservations

Your top three favorite cookbooks are:
Only three? Yikes! Madhur Jaffrey's World of the East, New York Times International Cuisine (circa 1970-ish), Vegan with a Vengeance

Your must-have kitchen accessory is:
My 9" chef's knife

Do you ever eat fast food? If so, what?
Yeah, a few times a month. I adore McDonald's fries.....

Most memorable meal you’ve had while on vacation:
My 10th anniversary dinner at Jaques in San Francisco

What restaurant do you want to eat at that you haven’t yet?
Locally, its Elizabeth's on 37th

What’s your favorite dessert?
creme caramel or flan

What scent in the kitchen do you love?
Onions and garlic being sauteed, and bread baking

What ingredient(s) do you avoid/dislike?
Pickled herring

What’s your secret splurge at the grocery store?
Good cheese!

What’s the most decadent dish you’ve ever had?
That would be at that fabled 10th anniversary dinner....... pate fois gras

What’s your favorite midnight snack?
If I eat really late at night, I'm usually eating crackers and hummus or leftovers

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Mimi said...

Ooooh, Yum. What a great meme!