Monday, October 08, 2007

Good friends, good company, good food

I had some friends over for dinner yesterday: Billy, Melvin and Carla. Dear Daughter asked if TBF (The Boyfriend)could come as well, and that was fine with me. Six people fit very comfortably around my kitchen table, though we've had as many as 10 squished around!

We had a wonderful time! We caught up on each other's news and we did a lot of laughing. At one point, Billy had us all laughing so hard, I was afraid sangria would exit my nose in a quite unladylike way!

Since yesterday was a Sunday, and I spend most of Sunday at church, I decided early in the week to make a pot roast in the crockpot to cut down on the last minute preparation. After that, it was simple to plan an easy and delicious menu:

two kinds of bruschetta: olivada with cheese melted on top and roasted peppers in olive oil with cheese melted on top
chicken fingers and cherry tomatoes with ranch dressing

Main meal:
French style pot roast with wine, onion and mushroom gravy
Roasted vegetables: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, rutabaga
french baguette with butter

Orange and almond custard drizzled with chocolate sauce, with orange and cranberry biscotti and coffee

We drank merlot and sangria before, after and during the meal.

Sorry, no photos this time. Its one thing to make your kid wait while you take a photo, but another thing entirely to make guests wait.

I'll post some recipes a little later.

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