Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spinach and Bean Burritos

One of dear daughter's favorite things for lunch and for snacks are the burritos you buy in the freezer section of the store. Today we did a little food shopping - we didn't need much, and we didn't buy a lot of veggies or fruit, no meat and no dairy except for dear daughter's milk - but we still spent more than $70!!!!!!!! The bread that we like was $3, so I've got maple oatmeal bread in the breadmachine right now.

I decided to make my own frozen burritos, full of delicious and healthful ingredients. I had 9 sun dried tomato flour tortillas and a can of refried beans, so what more did I need? I pulled out the vegan cheeze and the half jar of salsa that's been sitting in the fridge for a week or two. In the pantry, there was a 4 oz can of chopped black olives. The surprise is that I also pulled out the bag of fresh washed spinach!

I assembled my ingredients in assembly line fashion next to the stove and turned on the biggest electric burner to medium. I lay the first tortilla directly on the hot burner for a moment or two, just to soften it up, flipped it, flipped it back, and placed it on the counter to build the burrito: first a smear of refried pinto beans, then a spoon of salsa, then some chopped black olives, a good sprinkle of shredded cheese and a few spinach leaves. I rolled it tightly and started on the next one.

When all nine tortillas were filled and rolled, I wrapped them individually in saran wrap, and then put them in a large zip lock freezer bag in the freezer. In about 10 minutes, I made 9 burritos which is enough for a week or so for dear daughter and me. I'll probably send some plain yogurt (she doesn't fast from dairy strenuously) with her lunches for dipping.

They look yummy. I might eat one now...... and then there will be eight instead of nine..... shh.... who would know?


Anonymous said...

Those sound wonderful! I'm going to have to try them out. I can send my hubby to work with them.

missingbecheery said...

Dear daughter took a couple to high school today, and came home with two requests for this recipe and the recipe for hummus. It seems that several of her friends are vegetarians, but don't know what to cook for themselves. So, I guess these burritos were a hit!