Saturday, March 10, 2007

BBE - that's Belated Blog Entry

Dear Daughter has a boyfriend. He's a very nice boyfriend. DD's mother likes said boyfriend very much. Said boyfriend has very good manners and has eaten every bit of slop that dd's mother has put in front of him, even when he had no clue what it was. Like I said, I like said boyfriend very much.

Dear daughter isn't much of a cook and prides herself on that. She prefers to devote her considerable talents in the kitchen to eating what *I* cook.


Now that said boyfriend has entered the picture, dear daughter has developed a sudden interest in cooking him a meal. A *real* meal, not a big bowl of popcorn or an ice cream sundae. A real meal with all the food groups.


Here is a photo of the first meal that dear daughter cooked for the boyfriend about a month ago. It was a grilled pork chop, salad with her own homemade balsamic vinaigrette and rice pilaf (not from a box - the real thing). It was a meal that was destined to go well, because these are all things that DD has been cooking well for years - just not all at the same time.

*I* stayed away and let them eat alone. It was pretty romantic for them, and the BF loved her cooking!

Since then, DD has cooked spaghetti aglia olio for herself.

hm........ how come *I* never get to eat any of this yummy stuff that DD cooks???????

"DD" has stolen the keyboard. I'd like to point out that we OFFERED the third pork chop, but did Mummy want it? NOOOO.

And she was gone when I made the spaghetti, otherwise I'd have made enough for two!

Don't let her fool you, folks! I'm not THAT BAD! XP

Sigh.... what are ya gonna do with kid's today, eh? hm.... that reminds me of a song........


Folks.... sorry for that interlude. DD hates it when I break out into song. She finds it embarrassing. I don't know why. I mean, don't most people live their life to the soundtrack playing in their head?

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Mimi said...

Congratulations to your DD!

I also break out in song, it's a skill I learned from my mother.