Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Clean out the fridge night

Last night, I had planned dinner, but my 16 yodd asked if she could make dinner instead. Wouldn't I be CRAZY to say no to that???? So, she cleaned out the fridge and made a yummy scramble. First she carmelized some red onions -- ooooh! It smelled SO GOOD! Then she sauted the leftovers with the onions, and then mixed in the eggs. She used up some rice pilaf, the rest of the veggies from the gado-gado and the last bit of cheese and the last few eggs. My contribution was chocolate pudding for dessert. I had never made a tofu-based chocolate pudding before, and I think I'll experiment with this some more this lent.

Chocolate-Amaretto Tofu Pudding

1 - 10 oz aseptic package silken tofu
6 oz semi-sweet chocolate bits, melted
2 Tbs dutch process cocoa powder
2 Tbs sugar
2 Tbs amaretto

Whiz it all in the blender. Try to pour it into dessert dishes before you eat it all. Yummy!

Four servings

Five stars

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